Bucket Filling

Stratford Students Have become "Bucket Fillers"

The children learned what it means to be a bucket filler as Ms. Hopkins and Mrs. Gonzalez read aloud to the students the book, “Have You Filled a Bucket Today? : A Guide to Daily Happiness For Kids” by Carol McCloud.  This inspiring story provides many examples of how people’s kindness, appreciation and helpfulness will be emotionally satisfying and personally rewarding for both themselves and others.  It is about the fact that each day, everyone carries around an invisible bucket that holds good thoughts and feelings about themselves.  People feel happy when their buckets are full and sad when their buckets are empty.  “A bucket filler is a loving, caring person who says or does nice things that make others feel special.”

At Stratford, we are a family of “Bucket-Fillers.”  The children as well as the staff know how to look for “bucket-fillers” in their classrooms and throughout the building.  Classroom teachers will have a bucket in their own classrooms where bucket slips will be filled out by children as they fill other people’s buckets.  We look forward to creating beautiful lobby displays to show the work of our bucket-fillers throughout the year.

We feel that this is a wonderful way to ignite children’s desire to do loving things for others. You may even wish to use this idea in your home by identifying “bucket-filling” acts within your family.  We have a PowerPoint show  where you can read this special book.  As part of our Social and Emotional Learning Initiative, it is our goal to encourage positive social skills, foster friendships, increase self-esteem and help make our school an even better place to grow and learn. Thanks for your support!